Blog – 052918

I wish I can move on
from just about everything.

And usually, I love chatting with other friends no matter how busy/bored/tired I may be. But for the first time ever, it was hard texting them back. Or to even talk to anyone at all.
I must be really, really tired.


Blog – 052318

Feeling tired and uninspired. I think I’m just experiencing all of the burnt out-ness of my body that has been delayed from finals and such… in full-tide now.

Work is also frustrating and exhausting.

I wish can sleep for forever and a day. But I also like being productive and doing the things I need to do / want to do to, you know, carry out my life. And to think about stuff that go beyond school (not to mention I’ve been avoiding seeing my grades).

I simply hope I can gather enough motivation to get started on my hobbies again.

And to be able to sleep properly for once.

12:27 AM, good night.

Blog – 051418

I mess up so many times
with people that are both close and far
but I’ve been learning that
forgiveness is there
in due time.

I’m always scared of
losing those that I’ve once
shared a light with
but probably
I’m not the only one
who sees them
to begin with.

Blog – 050918

No matter how foolish and belittling it may seem of me to do so,
I still find myself wondering about you a little each day,
catching myself imagining all that you may be doing, who is in your head, if you remember me at all.

Even if I’ve little to no context to even work with.