keeping an aquarium.

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VSCO: blank-palette

fuck you and your ego,

I pity you for not knowing how to carry on a relationship (friendship, a “some,” you name it) because all you know are instant joys with those of the opposite sex but

that’s where you’re mistaken – it’s nowhere impressive to leave someone

hanging, let alone give no response to the responsibility that’s staring at you, waiting for a reason you’ve had to step in

and start something. whatever it may have been.

I’ve always believed that it’s strangers who know your biggest secrets and I stand by that this time around as well. Indeed, no one will know

and the fact that I can’t say it

spill the bitter words out of me, blow the fire off of my heart and

throw it for you to burn

is unfair.

something was there but you dropped it, now where am I supposed to find what I’d given you,

so foolishly?


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