are you, am i

VSCO: blank-palette

my heart wants
to miss you
someone who
stole than
100% to
me, who can’t fly
the ocean
to hold me
let alone send
a word
the truth he left
undug and dead
it wants to miss
the chance
flirting with
the impossible
a thrill let loose
sparks beneath
the coals
like them, I wait
for him to
light my sparks

tell me how
I flit around your
head like a bird
searching for crumbs
in rubble
a busy dot on
your grid of memories –
fleeting images that
keep you wondering

tell me am I
your cup of coffee
every morning or
a story to tell
the guys of
your first
mess-up dealing with
all things love
and that honesty is hard but
in reality, missing
should be harder –
I wonder if you ever
think to yourself
I’m past that but
not yet past

I truly wonder


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