Love Lits – creative Instagram captions

VSCO: blank-palette (flipped)

You don’t even have to love me, but you do. So thank you.

Even if all the winds that you ever felt whispered a thank you in your ear with my voice, it wouldn’t begin to cover it. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

It was so hot today we could only hold promise fingers.

Your forgiveness oozes milk and honey onto my hands, as I see again Jesus’ love for me through you.

Do I gain from eating so so much or do I lose because I’m having too much fun? Hmm. In any case, it’s both – but I did lose some baby fat.

For the first time, even written words might not stand a chance at explaining how I feel every time you smile at me.

I loved even our short time together. Have a safe trip back!

Your fingers linking through mine is embedded in my memory as if like a burning match. And every morning, it pushes breath out of my lungs the same way you stole it that one night.

Out of focus, out of [our] minds. It was a crazy night.

Good food, good company, good vibes.

I need to be focusing on my homework, but then I pick up my phone.

2,000th day – can’t wait for the next ‘0’! Love you so damn much.

You’re in my memory longer than you’ve actually been with me. Why is that?


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