just a minute ;;


I like old, 1970’s movies because they haven’t quite caught up with modernization yet.

I prefer a book to a movie any day, unless it’s come from a book. Then I’m interested in the Art behind it, as well as its changed portrayal. As long as the message is the same, it’s golden.

I’m interested in just about any kind of Art and History, but I don’t work well with Science and Math. I weave fashion designs, letters, mini bookmarks, doodled stickers, color swatches or have my fingers fly over adjustment features on VSCO for my umpteenth photo of nature in its rustic glory. If my fingers aren’t tap-dancing over the keyboard that is, the one that’s missing the right arrow sign because it somehow got loosened when I never dropped my laptop.

But I’m clumsy like that. I can destroy anything that’s jewelry, phone-related, or just from technology. I’ve ripped necklaces and chokers apart (no matter the texture) with one touch, I drop coins, my muscles flinch from lack of sleep and have textbooks flying down a staircase, and it all only takes a moment. While my fingers do enjoy working with physical or virtual paper, it doesn’t do quite well with expensive things. I have yet to know why this is.

I trip over air and am forgetful but I’m organized and meticulous in my note-taking because nothing lasts forever. I can’t trust just anyone but I’ve a big, quick heart for those who I can, because I’m always craving another heart. I’m reckless because I can’t always reign in my emotions like a regular, proper adult – I want to remain a kid, or at the very least attain a balance between the two opposites.

I lately find it hard to accept that I’m “adulting.” Or that I have to.

I’m not ambitious, but I’m a complex girl who just wants to become happy.

While growing. Someday. Hopefully.

All in all, my hopes are to continue expanding this year, which has been quite successful so far. I met more new people than I ever had in a year, and have been to new places and tried new things that teenager Me wouldn’t have imagined.

Though really, I can’t ever predict how I’ll be tomorrow.


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